India Bott-Francis

Position: Director

My day to day role at Oscars:

I oversee the accounting and financial elements of the business alongside Claire.

What I like best about my job:

The 3 F’S!, Function - Being a valued member of a team that gets great results, Friends- I get to enjoy working with great people, Flexibility- I am able to work at home if I need to and have the freedom to carry out my role and responsibilities as I deem fit (also the secret F - Food from our resident baker Claire on special occasions!)

My first house:

A flat in Leeds where I went to university. It was a stone’s throw from all the nightlife and shops. It was certainly a distraction, although very fun!

My dream home would include:

A big glass modern barn with an amazing view, swimming pool, lots of land and stables.

My spare time/ hobbies:

My two main passions are horses and interior design so I spend most of my spare time at the stables with my horse or planning/working on interior projects.

My favourite local restaurant:

This is tough to have just one. The most local is probably 1884 on the marina.

If you live in East Yorkshire you must:

Have a wander round the redeveloped marina area, go to Papas for fish and chips and understand that “mafting” means hot.

Best piece of advice:

Treat people how you want to be treated.